Sunday, October 11, 2009

My bad attidude, lazy..?

Hello everyone, who have see my blog!!? Guess, guess and guess you guys!!
Am I lazy? clever?XP

Answer:_______ Ya, I'm lazy!! haha.. I'm noob right?
Lazy to blog to much la.. This blog is about joke!! So funny?!! +_+
Exactly not... For me le..!

Friday, October 9, 2009

I hate homework!!

This year I'm ten, primary 4. I hate I hate homework! Last time, when I'm in pre-school I'm not lazy at all. But now, I am quite lazy!! LAZY TO EVERTHING EXCEPT MY FAVOURITE, GAMES! I loves online games very much exspeacially Facebook. Who that ever see this post please join Facebook and add me as your freiends.. ( but not gangster and such boys and girls that are I don't even know and never before meet)!!

Homework my enemy!! Help me to kill it!

Games? asked them to come in my dream..! XD

Happy Birthday To My Dearest Brother!

I think of many present to gives to my brother on his birthday, but I scare that he don't want it. I don't wanna ask him which present he wanted for his birthday.. XD!! I WANNA GIVE HIM A BIG SUPRISE..! NOOB~ right?

Lastly, my mother bring us to go to the Belle's Bookshop. He sees a book called 'The Avatar Legend (Water)'. Then, he ask that can you buy me this book as my birthday present? I panic.. Furthermore, I has already promise him that I will buy that for him. I asked my beautiful mother to pay, then I will pay back her at home. My brothe quite happy went he got this book!!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to Adam,
Happy Birthday to you.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The trip to UK Fun Fair

It was Friday.When I went to school, I saw there was a Fun Fair beside the Boulevard Centre..I was frightened..I ask my father.He told me that tommorow the Fun Fair are going to open. I was to excited.

When Saturday night, I was to excited even sweat. Eventhought I am sweat my my father also wanna wait for my mum. She is bathing. After half an hour, we have arrived there. My mother wanna go to Boulevard to buy things but we want to go to the Fun Fair. Then, my father said tommorow go shopping today go Fun Fair then me and Adam jump up and sais yay.

At the UK Fun Fair, we go buy tickets. Just RM2 for 1 ticket. I can't wait to had a ride on the Apollo. We go buy coins. My brother, Adam and me go on the Apollo..Meanwhile, my father and my mother stay down to wait for us. The Apollo started. It was very scared. I closed my eyes till the game is stop. I almost fainted. I am dizzy. I told my father ask him to bought me back. I wanna vomit but can't.

In the car, I slept there. Arrived at home, my father (pau) me down. I have swoke up and that the trip that make me very sick.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The happiest day in school!!!

Today is Mr Farid last day to teach us..He is streak to others but kind to our class...Today he play two games with us..The first game is like this,we must clap how many times that Mr Farid says...The second game is we play superman,batman and ultraman...He will do the wrong actions to make us confuse..It's kinda fun..

HAHAHA!!! it is so much fun..I think I can't forget this laugh

Friday, May 1, 2009

Buying a new bicycle!!

Purple is kinda good colour..
also my fav.

That day,my daddy send me home...Suddenly he asked me that wheater I wanted a bike or not?..
Then I says ok lah...He terus bring me to buy...I like silver bike..I choose silver bike, then i asked my daddy to asked them to change the bike handle and seat..

We walked and saw a folding daddy asked me to buy it, i says it likes scooter i dont want..after that we walked inside..he buy a safety 'ROCKBIKE' protection thing for me...i rarely thanks him...